Would you like to sell your Nearly-New maternity clothing, children's clothing, toys, books, or small equipment?  We can purchase from you for Store Credit OR sell for you on Consignment. 

Please read our policies below and schedule a drop-off here.

To sell to us for Store Credit or to sell in our store on Consignment simply:

*Wash your items.  

*Fold clothing (sets together) and check for brand, stains, rips, wear etc.

*Check that all parts & batteries are included with toys & small equipment.

*Pack your items in a standard laundry basket or small bin (Must be 40L in size or less to comply with oursafe handling guidelines).  Please do not pack items in plastic bags as the clothing becomes wrinkled.

*Schedule a Drop-Off time by clicking here.  Drop-offs must be scheduled to ensure space is available.

*Three (3) basket limit per drop off - Bring in your best! (Be prepared to leave your items with us to process as we are unable to do so while you wait)

*Walk-In Wednesdays start July 10/19!  Be prepared to leave your items with us to process.  One (1) laundry basket limit per person - Bring in your best!

*We value your time and appreciate the same consideration.  Save yourself some time & frustration by ensuring that your items meet our guidelines before dropping off.  Please take a few moments to thoroughly inspect your items to see if they might be something that our customers would like to buy.

Selling Terms:

*Our customers are looking for nearly-new maternity, infant & children's clothing, toys, books, shoes, dancewear, costumes and small equipment in excellent condition.  We are very selective on their behalf.

*Prices are determined by Frog Prince Boutique to maintain consistency.

*Toys & small equipment must have all original parts and include batteries (if applicable).

*All seasons of clothing may be sold to us for store credit year-round.

*Spring/Summer clothing may be consigned Jan-June.  Fall/Winter clothing may be consigned July-Dec.

*Clothing that has not been freshly washed, is not folded, has an odour, is wrinkled or has pet hair on it will not be considered for purchase or consignment.

*Some clothing brands are not accepted - George, Bum, 725, IZOD, Monkey Bars, Chikote, OkieDokie, First Impressions, Baby Headquarters, Little Rebels, Simply Basic, Vitamins, Garanimals, etc due to poor performance.

*Large equipment, cribs, mattresses, breastpumps and baby gates are not accepted due to insurance and safety concerns.

*Decor, bedding sets, select blankets, towels, robes, baby baths, DVDs, video games & select diaper bag styles are not accepted due to poor sales performance.

*Some items may not be accepted due to stock levels or poor sales performance.  We reserve the right to refuse items for any reason & are not obligated to consign or purchase anything.

*50% of the intended selling price is paid in the form of a Frog Prince Boutique Gift Card if selling for Store Credit.

*40% of the selling price in paid in Cash when an item sells on consignment.  5% purchase discount is applied when using consignment earnings.

*Any cleaning, assembly, or battery replacement fees may be deducted from the payout amount: 

Light cleaning/quick wipe $1.00/item

Thorough cleaning $5.00/item

Laundering $5.00/item

Steaming $1.00/item

De-fuzzing $1.00/item

Removing pet hair $1.00/item

Assembly $5.00/item

Batteries .50 ea

*Frog Prince Boutique is not responsible for keeping track of Gift Cards - They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

*Items sold to Frog Prince Boutique for Store Credit cannot be returned to the seller.

*Items consigned remain in your account for 90 days.  After 90 days unsold items are donated to our Charity Account.  If you would like to reconsign or pick up any unsold items, please contact us within 7 days of your term end-date here.  Donated items may remain on our sales floor or be stored & sold at a later date with proceeds to local charity.  Donated items cannot be retrieved & returned to the original consignor.  

*Unsellable items (including bins) can be held for three (3) days from the processing date for pick up.  This hold cannot be extended.  Unclaimed items (including bins) are donated after 3 days, without compensation or additional notification.  Items that are unsuitable for donation are disposed of, with a disposal fee of $5/large item deducted from the payout amount to cover the disposal fee that is charged to us. 

Questions?  Just ask!  We are happy to help.  Email frogprinceboutique@gmail.com

All drop-offs must be scheduled via the link below to ensure that space is available. 

You will be sent a confirmation email. 

 Frog Prince Boutique    610 Huronia Rd Unit 10 Barrie Ontario L4N0W5    705-252-8355 (leave msg)