Can I return items purchased in-storeat Frog Prince Boutique?

Some items can be returned for full refund.  Other items are final sale for many reasons.  Please visit Return Policy for details or speak with the Store Owner, Kim.

Do you buy items?

We do!  We pay 50% of the intended selling price in Store Credit, payable in the form of a Gift Card that can be used toward any in-store purchase.  See Sell Nearly-New Items for more information.

Do you sell items on consignment?  What is consignment?

We do!  Consignment means that you have someone else sell your items for you.  At Frog Prince Boutique, we do all of the pricing, tagging, displaying and selling for you and pay you 40% of the selling price in Cash as soon as anything sells.  See Sell Nearly-New Items  for more information. 

Are appointments required?

We do require drop-offs be scheduled to ensure that space is available.  Schedule your drop-off after reading our policies and procedures by clicking here.   Items must be left with us to process as we are unable to do so while you wait.  

Are items accepted seasonally or do you accept all items year-round?

Items are consigned seasonally.  Spring/Summer items from January to June and Fall/Winter items from July to December. 

All seasons may be sold to us year-round for Store Credit. 

How do I need to prepare my items for sale?

All items must be clean and in perfect working order.  Clothing should be freshly laundered, ironed if necessary and neatly folded or laid flat with sets together (same brand & size).  Save yourself disappointment by checking for brand, pet hair,stains, holes, wear and defects.  Toys and equipment must have all parts and batteries, if required.  Please bring items to the store in a box, basket or bin no larger than a standard laundry basket.  See Sell Nearly-New Items for more information.

Are "sets" kept together when they are processed?

Sets are kept together if they were/are sold new as sets.  However; co-ordinating items that were/are not sold as sets new, are not the same brand or are different sizes will not be kept together.

Who decides the prices?

Pricing, sales and discounts are at the sole discretion of Frog Prince Boutique.  If there is something in particular that you would like to discuss the pricing of, just let us know before processing.

How much does the consignor or seller make?

Consignors receive 40% of the selling price of items.   Payouts can be made by cash as soon as an item sells.  Payouts of $100 or more require 24 hrs notice and may be issued by cheque.

We pay 50% of the intended selling price in Store Credit if you wish to sell to us instead of consigning.

How long is the consignment term at Frog Prince Boutique?

We currently have a 90 day consignment term.  Consignors are given a "term end-date" when their items are processed.

Can items be picked up before the end of the consignment term?

Early retrieval of items is discouraged, but is available.  We incur costs associated with time spent processing, tagging and hanging items, so if a term is ended prematurely, we must pass this cost along to the consignor at a rate of .50 per item.  The consignor is responsible for gathering the early-requested items from the racks themselves.  

Items sold to us for Store Credit cannot be returned.

Are consignors notified when their items sell or when their term ends?

With over 1000 consignors, it is not possible for us to send notification of each sale or term end-date reminder.  It is the consignors' responsibility to request account balances and to keep track of their term end-dates.  Term end-dates are provided via email when items are processed and can be looked up upon request.  Just reply to our email or click here - We are always happy to hear from you!

What happens to unsold items at the end of the consignment term?

At the end of the consignment term, unsold items are donated to our Charity Account.  However; consignors may request to reconsign or collect their unsold items.  This request must be received within one week after the term end-date.  There is no cost to pick up unsold items at the end of the consignment term.  Staff gather unsold items for collection, email consignors when the items are ready and consignors have one week to pick up.  

My consignment term has ended and I want my items reconsigned and/or returned to me - What do I do?

If you would like your unsold items reconsigned or returned to you, simply contact us by clicking here and let us know within one week after the term ends.  We will reconsign your items (if possible) and send a follow-up email with the new term end-date and/or gather your unsold items for you and send a follow-up email when they are ready for pick up.  Please give us at least 72hrs notice if you would like your items picked up on a certain date.  If we do not hear from you, the unsold items will be donated to our Charity Account and cannot be retrieved.

Where are unsold items donated to?

Unsold items are transferred to our Charity Account, where they are either sold with proceeds to different charities or they become part of our Bag Sales, also with proceeds to charities such as Foodbanks, Shelters, Hospitals and more.

Unsold items that still do not sell in the above mentioned manners are then donated to different places:

*Clothing may be donated to Barrie Community Give & Get

*Books may be donated to schools, daycares, libraries and children's services

*Toys may be donated to schools, daycares, libraries and children's services

*Unopened/New toys may be donated to Christmas Cheer

Your donations make a huge difference in our community!

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