We are proud to provide a permanent mom-to-mom consignment shop that is clean & organized.

Now Consigning Fall & Winter Clothing!  

Consignment Conditions:

All items must be clean, ready for sale and in excellent nearly-new condition to meet the high standards of Frog Prince Boutique's shoppers.  Presentation is everything!

*Three (3) basket limit per drop off - Bring in your best!! (Items must be left with us to process as we are unable to do so while you wait)

*40L max size bins permitted for safe handling.

*We may limit the number of items accepted to suit the space available and demand.

*Our shoppers are only interested in buying clothing and equipment that is clean, complete and in nearly new condition.  We are very selective on their behalf.  

*Once items have been sorted and entered into the computer, consignors are emailed with a list of items now for sale at the store on their behalf.  This email includes term end-dates and prompting to collect items not suitable for resale, along with any bins or boxes. 

*Unconsignables (including bins) can be held for 1 week of email notification only, as we are not licensed to operate as a storage facility.  **We cannot extend this pick up time - You MUST return within 7 days of this email if you wish to collect your unsellable items**  Unconsignable items (including bins) not collected within 1 week will be donated without additional notification, compensation or fee.  Items that are not suitable for donation (baby equipment, garbage, etc) will be disposed of and a disposal fee of $5 per bag/bin/box/large item will be applied to the consignor’s account to simply cover the disposal fees we incur.

*Pricing and promotional sales are at the sole discretion of Frog Prince Boutique to maintain consistency. 

*We price equipment for sale at approximately half of what they sell for new.  We have a software system that assists us with clothing pricing (High, Mid, Low), using brand, condition & sold history as criteria.

*Consignors receive 40% of the selling price in cash upon sale.


*Consignors can be paid for their sold items by visiting the store to receive cash.  For safety reasons, large amounts of cash are not kept in-store.  Payouts of $100 or more require 24hrs notice, and may be issued by cheque.

*Consignors receive 5% off of their purchase when earnings are used to purchase items at the store instead of receiving cash payouts.

 *Consignment period is 90 days, and we kindly ask that consignors refrain from personally cross-selling the items they are selling at Frog Prince Boutique (on Facebook, Kijiji, etc).  We invite consignors to direct interests to the store, should consignors find someone is looking to purchase something they have for sale at Frog Prince Boutique.  Please understand that we incur fees when processing items for sale, and therefore must pass this along to consignors should they collect their items before the end of the consignment term end-date.  There is no fee to collect unsold items at the end of the consignment term.


 *It is the consignor's responsibility to keep track of consignment term end-dates.  The term end-date is included in the consignor's email notification of items accepted, and we are happy to look up end-dates at the consignor's request.  We do not call or email consignors at the end of their terms.  

*If there are unsold items remaining  at the end of the consignment period, the consignor may request to re-consign, donate or collect the items.  A request is required within 1 week following the term end-date date.  

**Please note that holiday themed items have a term end-date the day of the holiday.**  

These unsold items will be noted as unclaimed 7 days after the given holiday and donated to our Charity Account unless pick up is requested within 7 days after the holiday.

*Unsold items that are requested for collection are gathered by staff, and consignors are notified by email when their items are ready for pick up.  We kindly ask that consignors collect their requested items within one week of the email notification.  Unclaimed items are donated after one week due to storage limitations.  *We cannot extend this pick up time - You MUST return within 7 days of this email if you wish to collect your items*


*One week following the term end-date, all unclaimed unsold items are considered abandoned and are transferred to be sold under our Charity Account or become part of our Bag Sales.  Proceeds from the sale of these items goes to local charities.

Additional Fees:  

Frog Prince Boutique does not charge any additionalfees to sell in the store on consignment, nor to retrieve unsold items for return at the end of the consignment term.  

*If items need to be cleaned there may be a charge of up to $5 per item applied to accounts.  

*If batteries are not supplied, they may be purchased at a cost of .50 each - charged to accounts.  

*Early retrieval of items costs the store lost processing fees (staff, tags, etc), and we must pass a portion of this on to the consignor at a rate of .50 per item if retrieval of items is requested before the end of the term.

Please visit our FAQ page and let us know if you have any questions.

Rather sell us your stuff for Store Credit?  Visit Sell To Us for more information.

Please read our conditions below to save everyone time and help facilitate a successful consignment experience.  We are here to help - Just ask us!


All clothing must be clean -Please freshly launder, iron if necessary, and neatly fold clothing in a laundry basket, box or bin  no larger than a standard laundry basket (the size must be limited for safe handling purposes).  Please do not pack items in bags as the clothing becomes wrinkled.

As you decide what to sell, look over your items carefully to save yourself time and disappointment when you bring them in. 

Items should be in nearly new condition and ready for resale.  Check for brand, season, stains, missing buttons, holes and general wear and tear. Sets must be folded together and socks matched.  Wrinkled items must be ironed.

Clothing that has not been freshly washed, is notfolded, has an odour,

is wrinkled or has pet hair on it will not be considered for consignment.  

Clothing is consigned seasonally;  Fall and Winter items from July to December, and Spring and Summer items from January to June.   Swimwear, dancewear, dress-up costumes and shoes are accepted year-round.

Our customers are interested in buying current styles of many name brand maternity and children’s clothing.  Brands we do not consign: Kloz for Kids, George, 725, Bum Equipment, Sears, Mini wear, Wardrobe Essentials, Simply basic, Wonder kids, Chikitoe, Sun Valley and other older brands.

Please note that if clothing has had pricing info pinned to it for group sale purposes, it will leave a damaging pin-hole and we will not be able to consign it

Toys and Small Equipment:

Staff carefully inspect items to ensure that items meet current safety standards and are in perfect working condition with all parts included. 

Please thoroughly clean your items and include batteries in your electronic toys/equipment when presenting for consignment.  Batteries can be purchased at the store for consignment purposes at a cost of .50 each.  

Resale value quotes via phone or email are not available as we need to see the condition to assign a value. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to consign large equipment such as strollers, highchairs, swings, exersaucers, playpens, bassinets, etc.

Due to insurance restrictions and safety reasons, we cannot resell baby gates, breastpumps, cribs or car seats.

*We are no longer consigning large equipment (strollers, swings, exersaucers, highchairs, toddler beds,mattresses, etc)*

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